With a successful track record of real estate development in Australia, we deeply understand the characteristics of Australia real estate market. Our previous successful project operations deepen our understanding of the local government regulations and procedures. Global investors who are interested in investing Australia real estate market can join us at different phases of the projects and by different models. Whichever way we come together, Landpearl will endeavor to return the extra value.


The investors and Landpearl may form joint venture to develop real estate projects in Australia. Under this model, investors and Landpearl are closely bounded and share the success of the projects. What Landpearl can provide is our real estate development experience in Australia and particularly our hands-on project management and financial controlling upon every detail of the projects from inception to completion.


We can also accept the assignment from the investor to purchase land in Australia for retaining or further development. Landpearl will manage the transaction from beginning to end to ensure the success in every aspect. With years of local Australia experience, we pride ourselves in understanding the market cycles and also government land rules of regulations to reach the final transaction. We may assist you in:

  • Select the site in the proper location to meet particular objectives
  • Provided pre-purchasing feasibility studies and development analysis with our local Australian experience and professional expertise to let you fully aware of the opportunities and risks in each particular case.
  • Finance procurement through leading banks and mortgage brokers to obtain a competitive loan scheme.
  • Provide legal and commercial assistance during the negotiation and transaction of the land.
  • Complete the transaction securely.


If you have ready held land or old property in your hand and are looking opportunity in increasing its value, we are the your right partner to create the opportunity and actualize the increasing.

  • Perform and evaluate feasibility study for the development project.
  • Led designs with experienced architectural team in designing projects with strong market appeal and preference.
  • Obtain Development Approval using the experienced professionals and consultants.
  • Comprehensive design and evaluation with independent verification at each stage of the project.
  • Prepare construction drawings and technical specifications including architectural, structural and engineering services
  • Solicit builder through tendering and enter into contract on standard contractual terms and conditions, check all contractual and cost arrangements.
  • Supervise construction activity from commencing to ending.
  • Find competitive finance resource to complete the construction
  • Hire sales agents to lease or sell the property at the best price


Buying a new residential or commercial property is critical decision for both living and investment. We have created contemporary residential buildings and reliable facilities at the preferred location to meet customers’ demands. Please browse the category of Projects and contact us to pick up your favored home.