Landpearl is a real estate developer based in Australia with a solid track record of multiple residential projects. Landpearl was established in 2005 and has successfully completed development of contemporary residential projects with a combination of financial, architectural and engineering expertise. We strongly believe that what we deliver is a valued living space immersed harmoniously into the community and will eventually be a legacy of the city.


To be considered by the investors, the industry and the society as a responsible and sustainable real estate developer creating high quality living space for people and also a as symbol of the time.

We’re proud of the values that are foundations of our business: Integrity, Sustainable, Innovative and Excellence

As a team of professionals, we have the code of conducts and values to do the right things to our investors, clients and all the stakeholders involved.

Besides unparalleled quality buildings and facilities of our projects, we are enhancing their social and environmental added value by providing features that meet the long-term needs facing society as a whole.

We are always bringing the state of art and innovative technology in planning, design and construction to reach the reliability of buildings as well as to improve its lasting function and value.

We believe in excellence. Every member of our team holds a proactive attitude to make a substantial difference.


Landpearl Property Development is proud of its innovative and progressive property solutions. We have a breadth of knowledge to bring to property development project. We will ensure a memorable property development is completed, one that maintains Sydney’s high standards and beauty.

Our goal is to developed brilliant living situations. We follow local and international property trends to ensure we make the best possible outcome. We target only the best property development opportunities allowing us to fulfil this ambition.

We don’t end our relationship with the complex is completed. Instead that is when our relationship begins. We have many happy customers due to our ongoing customer service approach.

Landpearl is a dedicated property development company that offers highly specialized real estate solutions to customers who want to increase their wealth by investing in real estate. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop-shop solution to developers and investors from sourcing the sites to project management and sale..

We focus our business in off the plan projects and will be with our clients every step of the way from purchase through to settlement. We have a team of experts that wants to provide the best possible service. We like to establish long lasting relationships with our clients and their customers.

We are a full service company that offers a superior property and management service. Our goal is to ensure the best possible return by implementing the right property strategies.

We know how to create demand and interest for each development that we work on. We develop products with appeal to customers and ensure they are competitive and completely sell out.

Equipped with experienced mortgage broker and finance advisor we help clients obtain the most beneficial and dependable finance solution for their unique goals. We tailor the loan plan and reach an optimum solution considering the client’s real personal situation and all the related factors. We are beside the client not for a short team but for the lifetime of the loan. Periodically we reviewed the performance of the finance scheme and update it based on the latest financial products in the market to control the risk and reduce the cost.

Our property management staffs help clients to manage their rental properties. We provide finding tenants, bill payment, property maintenance and property reports. A good property manager will increase our returns on your investment, not cost you money. Meanwhile our professional property managers are well aware of landlord tenant law and are familiar with the constantly changing legislation to protect the rights of property owner.


Landpearl has a strong focus on professional quality that has enabled us to develop strong relationships with our investors and clients. Our professionals possessed a high level of experience and passion to provide the most suitable solutions to ensure the success of each unique and challenging project.

EDDIE TRAN (Founder and Managing Director)
As founder of Landpearl, Eddie is accountable for the company’s overall performance and sets strategic direction of development. He supervises the risk management of the whole company to aim a sustainable and stable growth. He also creates positive and lasting changes for the future’s business environment and clients’ particular expectations.

SAM (Director)
Sam El Rihani has over 10 years experience in structural design and construction. He is a Certified-practicing engineer, which is what gives him and Landpearl a superior edge in the industry, which many other competitors would find difficult to match.

PETER BLAKE (Director)
Peter helps clients to select the desired lands and complete the transaction.Peter has a thorough understanding of Australian laws and government regulations in land purchase, urban planning and policy compliance which is from his long standing practice in his specialist field.

STEVEN NGUYEN (Director of Sales and Business Development)
As the Director of Sales and Business Development, Steven is passionate about empowering, encouraging and motivating the sales team. Steven’s role includes co-ordinating internal and external agents so that everyone is on the same page.
Steven is committed to a high standard of quality and an exceptional customer experience. When you deal with Landpearl the team wants you feel like you’ve had the best real estate service experience

PATRICK MA (Project Manager)
Patrick MA has been focused on project management. He managed project lifecycle from design, construction to completion while achieving the quality, schedule and cost targets.

TRISH (Finance Controller)
Trish oversees the comprehensive financial performance of the company to ensure its robust and strong financial capability and fortify the development at various stages to be successful.

VICTOR TAO (Financial Advisor)
Victor provides clients with most viable financial solution using his rich financial planning knowledge and experience and professional service manner.

MICKEY LAI (Project Finance Controller)
Mickey is responsible for managing the finance issues for the real estate development projects at different phrases.

SRI (Accountant and Administration)
Sri plays an active role in our team to provide human resource and accounting administration to ensure the smooth operation of the business.